Invite friends, get $5
Sushi plate

We bring restaurants to your lobby

No tips. No hidden fees.

Select your building

Once we know your building, you can choose which partner restaurant to order from.

Place your order

Choose your meal before the restaurant cutoff time. Pay only the cost of your food plus $2 for delivery. That's it.

Pick up in lobby

Your meal will be ready at the stated pickup time. We'll let you know when it's there. Enjoy your meal!

Batch delivery
Batch delivery from a curated set of restaurants

We coordinate with restaurants and drivers to deliver your food to our Budeli-maintained pickup stations.

By batching orders, we optimize the timing of the food and the drivers so your order is delivered faster, fresher, and for a better price point.

Batch delivery
Your sandwich doesn't need a private car

Our bulk delivery model means fewer cars and fewer trips while still delivering food right to your door.

You save money

Drivers save fuel

Fewer cars on the road

Sustainable food delivery model

Batch delivery
Budeli customers have helped save:







Gallons of fuel so far